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Hello, and thank you for visiting the Oakwood Clock web site - I hope you will find it useful.  


I'm Lisa, the owner of Polkadot Website Design and creator of the Oakwood Clock web site. My association with Oakwood goes back many years, to when I bought my first home which was just off Oakwood Lane.  When I noticed in the local press in 2013 that a campaign was


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About Polkadot Website Design, creator of Oakwood Clock web site

being launched to restore Oakwood Clock to its former glory, I looked for a web site to obtain more information.  On seeing that the campaign did not have one, and being a website designer myself, I offered my services to build and update on a voluntary basis a web site dedicated to the Oakwood Clock Rescue & Restore Campaign.  The campaign was a resounding success, as can be seen by the gleaming clock tower now standing proudly in its rightful place and surrounded by newly created landscaping.  


The original Oakwood Clock web site had served its purpose, and when an official of the Oakwood Traders & Residents Association advised me that the domain name was no longer needed and could be allowed to lapse, I decided to continue my support of the Oakwood Clock area with this new web site to assist in developing a thriving Oakwood community.


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As a professional website designer, I have designed and built web sites for many types of organisation.  Some examples are featured on my Polkadot Website Design web site, together with sample prices.  Music is my main interest outside of my website design work, and examples of some of the web sites I have created for musicians and music groups are given on my Polkadot Music web site.


If you like my sites and need a new web site, do contact me to find out what I can do for you.  Whether you need a single page or a more extensive web site, I can tailor an affordable package to suit your organisation.  I can even create your own web page on this web site - see Advertising.  I look forward to hearing from you.